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Which Neighbor Is better and Impartial


Thursday, 04.24.2014, 01:17pm (GMT)  
Afghan economy faces serious revenue shortfall as state undertakes transition
Tuesday, 04.22.2014, 07:10pm
When the next president of Afghanistan takes office later this year, he will inherit a growing budget shortfall that could leave tens of thousands of civil servants unpaid and force key public programmes to shut down.
The fund is in the Arg so let live Karzai    Karzai Practices the Great Game of British 1838 on Afghanistan 2014 Presidential Election
Ashraf Ghani’s Positive Current Effects on Afghanistan Economy    Democracy Crests in Afghanistan

Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism, Chris Alexander says Wednesday, 04.02.2014, 12:28am
Canada and its allies must take a united front against Pakistan because it is a state sponsor of terrorism that threatens world security, says Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.
Afghan War Claimed No U.S. Soldiers in March
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Karzai Over Comes the Fear Tuesday, 04.01.2014, 07:44am
This is the first time in Afghan history that the third continual democratic presidential election is being held. Although, there is no political party participating in the election, but individuals. In addition, the Afghan Politicians are now learning to play a national politics rather than tribal or ethnical, so this will be the doorstep for the national political parties to come into being. 
2008 Indian Embassy attack in Kabul sanctioned by ISI: book
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Afghanistan losing its future generations to war Sunday, 02.09.2014, 04:35pm
In the welter of issues that constrain Afghanistan with its prolonged incendiary history, political instability is almost being relegated to a secondary status compared to the scale of human tragedy on the rise. Last year recorded a 34 per cent increase in the number of children killed due to roadside bombs....
Karzai-Taliban deal might be best for Afghanistan
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Qalandar Momand. The Giant of Pashto fiction Thursday, 04.17.2014, 12:47pm
Qalandar Momand (September 1, 1930 - February 4, 2003) is the one of the great Pashto Literary figures. In fact, the majority of Pashtoon critics admit
Religious sanctions vs cultural owning
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News( Pashto and English) Saturday, 03.24.2012, 04:49am

د پاکستان صدراعظم وايي پوځ يې د دې هېواد په قبايلي سيمه کې جنوبي وزيرستان کې پوځي عمليات پايته ورسول خو د افغانستان پولې ته نژدې به ځينو نورو سيمو کې ....

News( Pashto and English)
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What is Afghanistan's loya jirga; what does it do? Friday, 11.20.2009, 08:37pm
After his inauguration on Thursday, re-elected Afghan President Hamid Karzai announced he would organize a "loya jirga" -- a large assembly of Afghan leaders.
Key facts and figures about Afghanistan
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Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism, Chris Alexander says
Karzai Over Comes the Fear
Afghan War Claimed No U.S. Soldiers in March
Afghan election illustrates power of visuals