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The Real age (By: Gul Rahman Rahmani)

(Short Story)

How old are you?

She laughed.

I don’t want to talk about this.


-I Don’t know

In what age you got married?

-Will not tell this as well

-Even to me

-Yes, even I will not tell this to the only beloved son I have.

Ok, then, you have a son?

Yes, he is smart and intelligent, I have a sincere hope for his future

-Does he go to school?

Yes, he has started his sixth grade this year.

Ok, I heard, environment, family and friends have positive impacts on talent and growth of a child.

Yes, in our city there are some special programs for children during and after school.

Very good, unfortunately our city is far behind, when a child gets 7 they enroll him in first grade.

No, No Sir, in our city, children should start their first grade when they are only five.

The man took a break for a moment and then wrote in the chat box for the woman

What is your education?

I am graduated from university, means I am bachelor, I had wanted to obtain master degree in psychology, but I gave birth to my son in the third year of our marriage.one year later, we separated, and I have completed my last year when I was alone.

Why you have separated?

We were not in agreement from the first day, despite we were of the same age, our marriage was not our own decision and its result was not that good as well.

Is he living alone now?

No, he has fallen in love with a beautiful nurse in hospital, they have married this year.

Ok, she must be rich and beautiful, or what do you think?

Yes, she is a 25- year beautiful girl, not that rich, but she has one problem

What problem?

She is mentally ill and faces memory problem, every day she speaks none sense for few hours, nobody was ready to marry her that is why she accepeted marrying a man ten years older than her.

The man was quiet for a moment and then laughed.

Why did you laugh?

Nothing, just wanted to tell you, when they are happy, age is not that important.

No, I don’t agree with you, age is very important.

How old you might have?

The man laughed and wrote to the woman, just I am in the same age as you are.

The woman laughed, you don’t know my age

I know.

You know! Then, what is my age?

35 years

The woman became nervy

Who told you this:

He laughed, You told me yourself, check your statements,

I have never told you anything about this

No , no, you told me everything

What does it mean?

It means

You are 35 years old, you got married when you were 18, you had a baby when you were 21, you have separated from your husband when you were 22, you have started university on the age of 19 and graduated when you were 23, and also your son is now 11 years old.

The woman off lined and the man wrote to her his last statement “thank you for telling me everything wish you live for a long life”

Jun. 8, 16

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